na veda dharmam kila padmayonir
na brahma-putra bhrgu-naradadyah
na vai kumarah kapilo manus ca
ye no nisedhanty ati-vartinam haram
na—not; veda—knows; dharmam—the religious principles; kila—indeed; padma-yonih—Lord Brahma; na—nor; brahma-putrah—the sons of Lord Brahma; bhrguBhrgu; naradaNarada; adyah—and so on; na—nor; vai—indeed; kumarah—the four Kumaras (Sanaka, Sanat-kumara, Sananda and Sanatana); kapilah—Lord Kapila; manuhManu himself; ca—and; ye—who; no—not; nisedhanti—order to stop; ati-vartinam—who is beyond laws and orders; haram—Lord Siva.
Alas, Lord Brahma, who has taken his birth from the lotus flower, does not know the principles of religion, nor do the great saints like Bhrgu and Narada, nor the four Kumaras, headed by Sanat-kumara. Manu and Kapila have also forgotten the religious principles. I suppose it to be because of this that they have not tried to stop Lord Siva from behaving improperly.

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