sukhaya duhkha-moksaya
kurvate dampati kriyah
tato ’nivrttir apraptir
duhkhasya ca sukhasya ca
sukhaya—for happiness; duhkha-moksaya—for release from the unhappy state; kurvate—perform; dam-pati—the wife and husband; kriyah—activities; tatah—from that; anivrttih—no cessation; apraptih—no achievement; duhkhasya—of distress; ca—also; sukhasya—of happiness; ca—also.
As husband and wife, a man and woman plan together to attain happiness and decrease unhappiness, working jointly in many ways, but because their activities are full of desires, these activities are never a source of happiness, and they never diminish distress. On the contrary, they are a cause of great unhappiness.

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