yena prasuptah purusah
svapam vedatmanas tada
sukham ca nirgunam brahma
tam atmanam avehi mam
yenaby whom (the Supreme Brahman); prasuptahsleeping; purusaha man; svapamthe subject of a dream; vedaknows; atmanahof himself; tadaat that time; sukhamhappiness; caalso; nirgunamwithout contact with the material environment; brahmathe supreme spirit; tamHim; atmanamthe pervader; avehijust know; mamMe.
Know Me to be the Supreme Brahman, the all-pervading Supersoul through whom the sleeping living entity can understand his dreaming condition and his happiness beyond the activities of the material senses. That is to say, I am the cause of the activities of the sleeping living being.
When the living entity becomes free from false ego, he understands his superior position as a spirit soul, part and parcel of the pleasure potency of the Lord. Thus, due to Brahman, even while sleeping the living entity can enjoy. The Lord says, That Brahman, that Paramatma and that Bhagavan are I Myself. This is noted by Srila Jiva Gosvami in his Krama-sandarbha.

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