tasmat svasthena manasa
vimrsya gatim atmanah
dvaite dhruvartha-visrambham
tyajopasamam avisa
tasmattherefore; svasthenawith a careful; manasamind; vimrsyaconsidering; gatimreal position; atmanahof yourself; dvaitein the duality; dhruvaas permanent; arthaobject; visrambhambelief; tyajagive up; upasamama peaceful condition; avisatake to.
Therefore, O King Citraketu, carefully consider the position of the atma. In other words, try to understand who you arewhether body, mind or soul. Consider where you have come from, where you are going after giving up this body, and why you are under the control of material lamentation. Try to understand your real position in this way, and then you will be able to give up your unnecessary attachment. You will also be able to give up the belief that this material world, or anything not directly in touch with service to Krsna, is eternal. Thus you will obtain peace.
The Krsna consciousness movement is factually endeavoring to bring human society to a sober condition. Because of a misdirected civilization, people are jumping in materialistic life like cats and dogs, performing all sorts of abominable, sinful actions and becoming increasingly entangled. The Krsna consciousness movement includes self-realization because one is first directed by Lord Krsna to understand that one is not the body but the owner of the body. When one understands this simple fact, he can direct himself toward the goal of life. Because people are not educated in terms of the goal of life, they are working like madmen and becoming more and more attached to the material atmosphere. The misguided man accepts the material condition as everlasting. One must give up his faith in material things and give up attachment for them. Then one will be sober and peaceful.

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