caranti hy avanau kamam
brahmana bhagavat-priyah
madrsam gramya-buddhinam
caranti—wander; hi—indeed; avanau—on the surface of the world; kamam—according to desire; brahmanah—the brahmanas; bhagavat-priyah—who are also Vaisnavas, very dear to the Personality of Godhead; ma-drsam—of those like me; gramya-buddhinam—who are obsessed with temporary material consciousness; bodhaya—for the awakening; unmatta-linginah—who dress as if madmen.
Brahmanas who are exalted to the position of Vaisnavas, the most dear servants of Krsna, sometimes dress like madmen. Just to benefit materialists like us, who are always attached to sense gratification, and just to dissipate our ignorance, these Vaisnavas wander on the surface of the globe according to their desire.

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