vrtras tu sa katham papah
ittham drdha-matih krsna
asit sangrama ulbane
vrtrah—Vrtrasura; tu—but; sah—he; katham—how; papah—although sinful (getting the body of a demon); sarva-loka—of all the three worlds; upatapanah—the cause of suffering; ittham—such; drdha-matih—firmly fixed intelligence; krsne—in Krsna; asit—there was; sangrame ulbane—in the great blazing fire of battle.
Vrtrasura was situated in the blazing fire of battle and was an infamous, sinful demon, always engaged in giving troubles and anxieties to others. How could such a demon become so greatly Krsna conscious?
It has been described that a narayana-parayana, a pure devotee, is rarely found even among millions and millions of persons. Therefore Pariksit Maharaja was surprised that Vrtrasura, whose purpose was to give trouble and anxiety to others, was one of these devotees, even on a battlefield. What was the reason for Vrtrasura’s advancement?

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