dhig aprajam striyam papam
patyus cagrha-sammatam
suprajabhih sapatnibhir
dasim iva tiraskrtam
dhikall condemnation; aprajamwithout a son; striyamupon a woman; papamfull of sinful activities; patyuhby the husband; caalso; a-grha-sammatamwho is not honored at home; su-prajabhihwho have sons; sapatnibhihby co-wives; dasima maidservant; ivaexactly like; tiraskrtamdishonored.
A wife who has no sons is neglected at home by her husband and dishonored by her co-wives exactly like a maidservant. Certainly such a woman is condemned in every respect because of her sinful life.
As stated by Canakya Pandita:
mata yasya grhe nasti
bharya capriya-vadini
aranyam tena gantavyam
yatharanyam tatha grham
A person who has no mother at home and whose wife does not speak sweetly should go to the forest. For such a person, living at home and living in the forest are equal. Similarly, for a woman who has no son, who is not cared for by her husband and whose co-wives neglect her, treating her like a maidservant, to go to the forest is better than to remain at home.

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