devānāṁ śuddha-sattvānām
ṛṣīṇāṁ cāmalātmanām
bhaktir mukunda-caraṇe
na prāyeṇopajāyate
devānām—of the demigods; śuddha-sattvānām—whose minds are purified; ṛṣīṇām—of great saintly persons; ca—and; amala-ātmanām—who have purified their existence; bhaktiḥ—devotional service; mukunda-caraṇe—to the lotus feet of Mukunda, the Lord, who can give liberation; na—not; prāyeṇa—almost always; upajāyate—develops.
Demigods situated in the mode of goodness and great saints cleansed of the dirt of material enjoyment hardly ever render pure devotional service at the lotus feet of Mukunda. [Therefore how could Vṛtrāsura have become such a great devotee?]

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