hayamedhena purusam
paramatmanam isvaram
istva narayanam devam
moksyase pi jagad-vadhat
hayamedhena—by the sacrifice known as asvamedha; purusam—the Supreme Person; paramatmanam—the Supersoul; isvaram—the supreme controller; istva—worshiping; narayanam—Lord Narayana; devam—the Supreme Lord; moksyase—you will be liberated; api—even; jagat-vadhat—from the sin for killing the whole world.
The rsis continued: O King Indra, by performing an asvamedha sacrifice and thereby pleasing the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the Supersoul, Lord Narayana, the supreme controller, one can be relieved even of the sinful reactions for killing the entire world, not to speak of killing a demon like Vrtrasura.

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