indra uvaca
stri-bhu-druma-jalair eno
vibhaktam anugrhnadbhir
vrtra-hatyam kva marjmy aham
indrah uvaca—King Indra replied; stri—by women; bhu—the earth; druma—the trees; jalaih—and water; enah—this (sin); visvarupa—of Visvarupa; vadha—from the killing; udbhavam—produced; vibhaktam—divided; anugrhnadbhih—showing their favor (to me); vrtra-hatyam—the killing of Vrtra; kva—how; marjmi—shall become free from; aham—I.
King Indra replied: When I killed Visvarupa, I received extensive sinful reactions, but I was favored by the women, land, trees and water, and therefore I was able to divide the sin among them. But now if I kill Vrtrasura, another brahmana, how shall I free myself from the sinful reactions?

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