tato gato brahma-giropahuta
papas tu digdevataya hataujas
tam nabhyabhud avitam visnu-patnya
tatah—thereafter; gatah—gone; brahma—of the brahmanas; gira—by the words; upahutah—being invited; rtambhara—on the Supreme Lord, who maintains truth; dhyana—by meditation; nivarita—impeded; aghah—whose sin; papah—the sinful activity; tu—then; dik-devataya—by the demigod Rudra; hata-ojah—with all prowess diminished; tam—him (Indra); na abhyabhut—could not overcome; avitam—being protected; visnu-patnya—by Lord Visnuís wife, the goddess of fortune.
Indraís sins were diminished by the influence of Rudra, the demigod of all directions. Because Indra was protected by the goddess of fortune, Lord Visnuís wife, who resides in the lotus clusters of Manasa-sarovara Lake, Indraís sins could not affect him. Indra was ultimately relieved of all the reactions of his sinful deeds by strictly worshiping Lord Visnu. Then he was called back to the heavenly planets by the brahmanas and reinstated in his position.

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