ojah saho balam pranam
amrtam mrtyum eva ca
tam ajnaya jano hetum
atmanam manyate jadam
ojahthe strength of the senses; sahahthe strength of the mind; balamthe strength of the body; pranamthe living condition; amrtamimmortality; mrtyumdeath; evaindeed; caalso; tamHim (the Supreme Lord); ajnayawithout knowing; janaha foolish person; hetumthe cause; atmanamthe body; manyateconsiders; jadamalthough as good as stone.
Our sensory prowess, mental power, bodily strength, living force, immortality and mortality are all subject to the superintendence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Not knowing this, foolish people think the dull material body to be the cause of their activities.

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