yadi vah pradhane sraddha
saram va ksullaka hrdi
agre tisthata matram me
na ced gramya-sukhe sprha
yadi—if; vah—of you; pradhane—in battle; sraddha—faith; saram—patience; va—or; ksullakah—O insignificant ones; hrdi—in the core of the heart; agre—in front; tisthata—just stand; matram—for a moment; me—of me; na—not; cet—if; gramya-sukhe—in sense gratification; sprha—desire.
O insignificant demigods, if you truly have faith in your heroism, if you have patience in the cores of your hearts and if you are not ambitious for sense gratification, please stand before me for a moment.
Rebuking the demigods, Vrtrasura challenged, O demigods, if you are actually heroes, stand before me now and try to show your prowess. If you do not wish to fight, if you are afraid of losing your lives, I shall not kill you, for unlike you, I am not so evil minded as to kill persons who are neither heroic nor willing to fight. If you have faith in your heroism, please stand before me.

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