kalopapannam ruciram manasvinam
jagada vacam purusa-pravirah
he vipracitte namuce puloman
mayanarvan chambara me srnudhvam
kala-upapannam—suitable to the time and circumstances; ruciram—very beautiful; manasvinam—to the great, deep-minded personalities; jagada—spoke; vacam—words; purusa-pravirah—the hero among heroes, Vrtrasura; he—O; vipracitte—Vipracitti; namuce—O Namuci; puloman—O Puloma; maya—O Maya; anarvan—O Anarva; sambara—O Sambara; me—from me; srnudhvam—please hear.
According to his position and the time and circumstances, Vrtrasura, the hero among heroes, spoke words that were much to be appreciated by thoughtful men. He called to the heroes of the demons, “O Vipracitti! O Namuci! O Puloma! O Maya, Anarva and Sambara! Please hear me and do not flee.”

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