manasaiva pure devah
purva-rupam vipasyati
anumimamsate purvam
manasa bhagavan ajah
manasaby the mind; evaindeed; purein his abode, or within everyones heart like the Supersoul; devahthe demigod Yamaraja (divyatiti devah, one who is always brilliant and illuminated is called deva); purva-rupamthe past religious or irreligious condition; vipasyaticompletely observes; anumimamsatehe considers; apurvamthe future condition; manasawith his mind; bhagavanwho is omnipotent; ajahas good as Lord Brahma.
The omnipotent Yamaraja is as good as Lord Brahma, for while situated in his own abode or in everyones heart like the Paramatma, he mentally observes the past activities of a living entity and thus understands how the living entity will act in future lives.
One should not consider Yamaraja an ordinary living being. He is as good as Lord Brahma. He has the complete cooperation of the Supreme Lord, who is situated in everyones heart, and therefore, by the grace of the Supersoul, he can see the past, present and future of a living being from within. The word anumimamsate means that he can decide in consultation with the Supersoul. Anu means following. The actual decisions concerning the next lives of the living entities are made by the Supersoul, and they are carried out by Yamaraja.

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