TEXTS 2829
sa pasa-hastams trin drstva
purusan ati-darunan
vakra-tundan urdhva-romna
atmanam netum agatan
dure kridanakasaktam
putram narayanahvayam
plavitena svarenoccair
sahthat person (Ajamila); pasa-hastanhaving ropes in their hands; trinthree; drstvaseeing; purusanpersons; ati-darunanvery fearful in their features; vakra-tundanwith twisted faces; urdhva-romnahwith hair standing on the body; atmanamthe self; netumto take away; agatanarrived; durea short distance away; kridanaka-asaktamengaged in his play; putramhis child; narayana-ahvayamnamed Narayana; plavitenawith tearful eyes; svarenawith his voice; uccaihvery loudly; ajuhavacalled; akula-indriyahbeing full of anxiety.
Ajamila then saw three awkward persons with deformed bodily features, fierce, twisted faces, and hair standing erect on their bodies. With ropes in their hands, they had come to take him away to the abode of Yamaraja. When he saw them he was extremely bewildered, and because of attachment to his child, who was playing a short distance away, Ajamila began to call him loudly by his name. Thus with tears in his eyes he somehow or other chanted the holy name of Narayana.
A person who performs sinful activities performs them with his body, mind and words. Therefore three order carriers from Yamaraja came to take Ajamila to Yamarajas abode. Fortunately, even though he was referring to his son, Ajamila chanted the four syllables of the hari-nama Narayana, and therefore the order carriers of Narayana, the Visnudutas, also immediately arrived there. Because Ajamila was extremely afraid of the ropes of Yamaraja, he chanted the Lords name with tearful eyes. Actually, however, he never meant to chant the holy name of Narayana; he meant to call his son.

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