bhunjanah prapiban khadan
balakam sneha-yantritah
bhojayan payayan mudho
na vedagatam antakam
bhunjanah—while eating; prapiban—while drinking; khadan—while chewing; balakam—unto the child; sneha-yantritah—being attached by affection; bhojayan—feeding; payayan—giving something to drink; mudhah—the foolish man; na—not; veda—understood; agatam—had arrived; antakam—death.
When Ajamila chewed food and ate it, he called the child to chew and eat, and when he drank he called the child to drink also. Always engaged in taking care of the child and calling his name, Narayana, Ajamila could not understand that his own time was now exhausted and that death was upon him.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead is kind to the conditioned soul. Although this man completely forgot Narayana, he was calling his child, saying, “Narayana, please come eat this food. Narayana, please come drink this milk.” Somehow or other, therefore, he was attached to the name Narayana. This is called ajnata-sukrti. Although calling for his son, he was unknowingly chanting the name of Narayana, and the holy name of the Supreme Personality of Godhead is so transcendentally powerful that his chanting was being counted and recorded.

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