atha vrsala-raja-panih purusa-pasor asrg-asavena devim bhadra-kalim yaksyamanas tad-abhimantritam asim ati-karala-nisitam upadade.
athathereafter; vrsala-raja-panihthe so-called priest of the leader of the dacoits (one of the thieves); purusa-pasohof the animalistic man for being sacrificed (Bharata Maharaja); asrk-asavenawith the liquor of blood; devimto the deity; bhadra-kalimthe goddess Kali; yaksyamanahdesiring to offer; tat-abhimantritamconsecrated by the mantra of Bhadra Kali; asimthe sword; ati-karalavery fearful; nisitamfinely sharpened; upadadehe took up.
At this time, one of the thieves, acting as the chief priest, was ready to offer the blood of Jada Bharata, whom they imagined to be an animal-man, to the goddess Kali to drink as a liquor. He therefore took up a very fearsome sword, which was very sharp and, consecrating it by the mantra of Bhadra Kali, raised it to kill Jada Bharata.

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