atha vrsala-raja-panih purusa-pasor asrg-asavena devim bhadra-kalim yaksyamanas tad-abhimantritam asim ati-karala-nisitam upadade.
atha—thereafter; vrsala-raja-panih—the so-called priest of the leader of the dacoits (one of the thieves); purusa-pasoh—of the animalistic man for being sacrificed (Bharata Maharaja); asrk-asavena—with the liquor of blood; devim—to the deity; bhadra-kalim—the goddess Kali; yaksyamanah—desiring to offer; tat-abhimantritam—consecrated by the mantra of Bhadra Kali; asim—the sword; ati-karala—very fearful; nisitam—finely sharpened; upadade—he took up.
At this time, one of the thieves, acting as the chief priest, was ready to offer the blood of Jada Bharata, whom they imagined to be an animal-man, to the goddess Kali to drink as a liquor. He therefore took up a very fearsome sword, which was very sharp and, consecrating it by the mantra of Bhadra Kali, raised it to kill Jada Bharata.

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