api ksemenasminn asramopavane saspani carantam deva-guptam drak-syami.
api—it may be; ksemena—with fearlessness because of the absence of tigers and other animals; asmin—in this; asrama-upavane—garden of the hermitage; saspani carantam—walking and eating the soft grasses; deva-guptam—being protected by the demigods; draksyami—shall I see.
Alas, is it possible that I shall again see this animal protected by the Lord and fearless of tigers and other animals? Shall I again see him wandering in the garden eating soft grass?
Maharaja Bharata thought that the animal was disappointed in his protection and had left him for the protection of a demigod. Regardless, he ardently desired to see the animal again within his asrama eating the soft grass and not fearing tigers and other animals. Maharaja Bharata could think only of the deer and how the animal could be protected from all kinds of inauspicious things. From the materialistic point of view such kind thoughts may be very laudable, but from the spiritual point of view the King was actually falling from his exalted spiritual position and unnecessarily becoming attached to an animal. Thus degrading himself, he would have to accept an animal body.

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