In this chapter, the activities of King Bharata Maharaja, the emperor of the whole world, are described. Bharata Maharaja performed various ritualistic ceremonies (Vedic yajnas) and satisfied the Supreme Lord by his different modes of worship. In due course of time, he left home and resided in Hardwar and passed his days in devotional activities. Being ordered by his father, Lord Rsabhadeva, Bharata Maharaja married Pancajani, the daughter of Visvarupa. After this, he ruled the whole world peacefully. Formerly this planet was known as Ajanabha, and after the reign of Bharata Maharaja it became known as Bharata-varsa. Bharata Maharaja begot five sons in the womb of Pancajani, and he named the sons Sumati, Rastrabhrta, Sudarsana, Avarana and Dhumraketu. Bharata Maharaja was very rigid in executing religious principles and following in the footsteps of his father. He therefore ruled the citizens very successfully. Because he performed various yajnas to satisfy the Supreme Lord, he was personally very satisfied. Being of undisturbed mind, he increased his devotional activities unto Lord Vasudeva. Bharata Maharaja was competent in understanding the principles of saintly persons like Narada, and he followed in the footsteps of the sages. He also kept Lord Vasudeva constantly within his heart. After finishing his kingly duties, he divided his kingdom among his five sons. He then left home and went to the place of Pulaha known as Pulahasrama. There he ate forest vegetables and fruits, and worshiped Lord Vasudeva with everything available. Thus he increased his devotion toward Vasudeva, and he automatically began to realize further his transcendental, blissful life. Due to his highly advanced spiritual position, there were sometimes visible in his body the asta-sattvika transformations, such as ecstatic crying and bodily trembling, which are symptoms of love of Godhead. It is understood that Maharaja Bharata worshiped the Supreme Lord with the mantras mentioned in the Rg Veda, generally known as Gayatri mantra, which aim at the Supreme Narayana situated within the sun.

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