aho nu vamso yasasavadatah
praiyavrato yatra puman puranah
krtavatarah purusah sa adyas
cacara dharmam yad akarma-hetum
aho—oh; nu—indeed; vamsah—the dynasty; yasasa—with widespread fame; avadatah—fully pure; praiyavratah—related to King Priyavrata; yatra—wherein; puman—the Supreme Person; puranah—the original; krta-avatarah—descended as an incarnation; purusah—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; sah—He; adyah—the original person; cacara—executed; dharmam—religious principles; yat—from which; akarma-hetum—the cause of the end of fruitive activities.
“Oh, what shall I say of the dynasty of Priyavrata, which is pure and very much celebrated. In that dynasty, the Supreme Person, the original Personality of Godhead, descended as an incarnation and executed religious principles that could free one from the results of fruitive activity.
There are many dynasties in human society wherein the Supreme Lord descends as an incarnation. Lord Krsna appeared in the Yadu dynasty, and Lord Ramacandra appeared in the Iksvaku, or Raghu, dynasty. Similarly, Lord Rsabhadeva appeared in the dynasty of King Priyavrata. All these dynasties are very famous, and of them the dynasty of Priyavrata is most famous.

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