ayam avataro rajasopapluta-kaivalyopasiksanarthah.
ayam avatarah—this incarnation (Lord Rsabhadeva); rajasa—by the mode of passion; upapluta—overwhelmed; kaivalya-upasiksana-arthah—to teach people the path of liberation.
In this age of Kali, people are overwhelmed by the modes of passion and ignorance. Lord Rsabhadeva incarnated Himself to deliver them from the clutches of maya.
The symptoms of Kali-yuga are predicted in the Twelfth Canto, Third Chapter, of Srimad-Bhagavatam. Lavanyam kesa-dharanam. It is predicted how fallen souls will behave. They will keep their hair long and consider themselves very beautiful, or they will pluck out their hair as the Jains do. They will keep themselves unclean and will not wash their mouths. Jains refer to Lord Rsabhadeva as their original preceptor. If such people are serious followers of Rsabhadeva, they must also take His instructions. In the Fifth Chapter of this canto, Rsabhadeva gave His one hundred sons instructions whereby they could become free from the clutches of maya. If one actually follows Rsabhadeva, he will certainly be delivered from the clutches of maya and return home, back to Godhead. If one strictly follows the instructions of Rsabhadeva given in the Fifth Chapter, he will certainly be liberated. Lord Rsabhadeva incarnated specifically to deliver these fallen souls.

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