yena ha vava kalau manujapasada deva-maya-mohitah sva-vidhi-niyoga-sauca-caritra-vihina deva-helanany apavratani nija-nijecchaya grhnana asnananacamanasauca-kesolluncanadini kalinadharma-bahulenopahata-dhiyo brahma-brahmana-yajna-purusa-loka-vidusakah prayena bhavisyanti.
yenaby which pseudo religious system; ha vavacertainly; kalauin this age of Kali; manuja-apasadahthe most condemned men; deva-maya-mohitahbewildered by the external energy, or illusory energy, of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; sva-vidhi-niyoga-sauca-caritra-vihinahwithout character, cleanliness, and the rules and regulations given according to ones own duty in life; deva-helananinegligent of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; apavrataniimpious vows; nija-nija-icchayaby their own desires; grhnanahaccepting; asnana-anacamana-asauca-kesa-ulluncana-adiniconcocted religious principles such as no bathing, no washing of the mouth, being unclean and plucking out the hair; kalinaby the age of Kali; adharma-bahulenawith an abundance of irreligion; upahata-dhiyahwhose pure consciousness is destroyed; brahma-brahmana-yajna-purusa-loka-vidusakahblasphemous toward the Vedas, the strict brahmanas, ritualistic ceremonies such as sacrifice, and toward the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the devotees; prayenaalmost entirely; bhavisyantiwill become.
People who are lowest among men and bewildered by the illusory energy of the Supreme Lord will give up the original varnasrama-dharma and its rules and regulations. They will abandon bathing three times daily and worshiping the Lord. Abandoning cleanliness and neglecting the Supreme Lord, they will accept nonsensical principles. Not regularly bathing or washing their mouths regularly, they will always remain unclean, and they will pluck out their hair. Following a concocted religion, they will flourish. During this age of Kali, people are more inclined to irreligious systems. Consequently these people will naturally deride Vedic authority, the followers of Vedic authority, the brahmanas, the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the devotees.
Presently the hippies in the Western countries fit this description. They are irresponsible and unregulated. They do not bathe, and they deride standard Vedic knowledge. They concoct new life-styles and religions. There are many hippie groups at the present moment, but they all originated from King Arhat, who imitated the activities of Lord Rsabhadeva, who was situated on the paramahamsa stage. King Arhat did not care for the fact that although Lord Rsabhadeva acted like a madman, His stool and urine were nonetheless aromatic, so much so that they nicely scented the countryside for miles around. The followers of King Arhat went under the name Jains, and they were later followed by many others, particularly by the hippies, who are more or less offshoots of Mayavada philosophy because they think themselves the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Such people do not respect the real followers of Vedic principles, the ideal brahmanas. Nor do they have respect for the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Supreme Brahman. Due to the influence of this age of Kali, they are apt to concoct false religious systems.

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