evaṁ go-mṛga-kāka-caryayā vrajaṁs tiṣṭhann āsīnaḥ śayānaḥ kāka-mṛga-go-caritaḥ pibati khādaty avamehati sma.
evam—thus; go—of cows; mṛga—deer; kāka—crows; caryayā—by the activities; vrajan—moving; tiṣṭhan—standing; āsīnaḥ—sitting; śayānaḥ—lying down; kāka-mṛga-go-caritaḥ—behaving exactly like the crows, deer and cows; pibati—drinks; khādati—eats; avamehati—passes urine; sma—He did so.
In this way Lord Ṛṣabhadeva followed the behavior of cows, deer and crows. Sometimes He moved or walked, and sometimes He sat down in one place. Sometimes He lay down, behaving exactly like cows, deer and crows. In that way, He ate, drank, passed stool and urine and cheated the people in this way.
Being the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Ṛṣabhadeva possessed a transcendental, spiritual body. Since the general public could not appreciate His behavior and mystic yoga practice, they began to disturb Him. To cheat them, He behaved like crows, cows and deer.

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