matto ípy anantat paratah parasmat
svargapavargadhipater na kincit
yesam kim u syad itarena tesam
akincananam mayi bhakti-bhajam
mattah—from Me; api—even; anantat—unlimited in strength and opulence; paratah parasmat—higher than the highest; svarga-apavarga-adhipateh—able to bestow happiness obtainable by living in the heavenly kingdom. by liberation, or by enjoyment of material comfort and then liberation; na—not; kincit—anything; yesam—of whom; kim—what need; u—oh; syat—can there be; itarena—with any other; tesam—of them; akincananam—without needs or without possessions; mayi—unto Me; bhakti-bhajam—executing devotional service.
I am fully opulent, almighty and superior to Lord Brahma and Indra, the King of the heavenly planets. I am also the bestower of all happiness obtained in the heavenly kingdom and by liberation. Nonetheless, the brahmanas do not seek material comforts from Me. They are very pure and do not want to possess anything. They simply engage in My devotional service. What is the need of their asking for material benefits from anyone else?
The perfect brahminical qualification is stated herein: akincananam mayi bhakti-bhajam. The brahmanas are always engaged in the devotional service of the Lord: consequently they have no material wants, nor do they possess material things. In Caitanya-caritamrta (Madhya 11.8), Caitanya Mahaprabhu explains the position of pure Vaisnavas who are anxious to return home, back to Godhead. Niskincanasya bhagavad-bhajanonmukhasya. Those who actually want to return back to Godhead are niskincana—that is, they have no desire for material comfort. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu advises, sandarsanam visayinam atha yositam ca ha hanta hanta visa-bhaksanato ípy asadhu: material opulence and sense gratification through the association of women are more dangerous than poison. Brahmanas who are pure Vaisnavas always engage in the Lordís service and are devoid of any desire for material gain. The brahmanas do not worship demigods like Lord Brahma, Indra or Lord Siva for any material comfort. They do not even ask the Supreme Lord for material profit; therefore it is concluded that the brahmanas are the supreme living entities of this world. Sri Kapiladeva also confirms this in Srimad-Bhagavatam (3.29.33):
tasman mayy arpitasesa-
kriyarthatma nirantarah
mayy arpitatmanah pumso
mayi sannyasta-karmanah
na pasyami param bhutam
akartuh sama-darsanat
The brahmanas are always dedicated to the Lordís service with their bodies, words and mind. There is no better person than a brahmana who thus engages himself and dedicates himself to the Supreme Lord.

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