na brahmanais tulaye bhutam anyat
pasyami viprah kim atah param tu
yasmin nrbhih prahutam sraddhayaham
asnami kamam na tathagni-hotre
nanot; brahmanaihwith the brahmanas; tulayeI count as equal; bhutamentity; anyatother; pasyamiI can see; viprahO assembled brahmanas; kimanything; atahto the brahmanas; paramsuperior; tucertainly; yasminthrough whom; nrbhihby people; prahutamfood offered after ritualistic ceremonies are properly performed; sraddhayawith faith and love; ahamI; asnamieat; kamamwith full satisfaction; nanot; tathain that way; agni-hotrein the fire sacrifice.
O respectful brahmanas, as far as I am concerned, no one is equal or superior to the brahmanas in this world. I do not find anyone comparable to them. When people know My motive after performing rituals according to the Vedic principles, they offer food to Me with faith and love through the mouth of a brahmana. When food is thus offered unto Me, I eat it with full satisfaction. Indeed, I derive more pleasure from food offered in that way than from the food offered in the sacrificial fire.
According to the Vedic system, after the sacrificial ceremony the brahmanas are invited to eat the remnants of the offered food. When the brahmanas eat the food, it is to be considered directly eaten by the Supreme Lord. Thus no one can be compared to qualified brahmanas. The perfection of evolution is to be situated on the brahminical platform. Any civilization not based on brahminical culture or guided by brahmanas is certainly a condemned civilization. Presently human civilization is based on sense gratification, and consequently more and more people are becoming addicted to different types of things. No one respects brahminical culture. Demoniac civilization is attached to ugra-karma, horrible activities, and big industries are created to satisfy unfathomable lusty desires. Consequently the people are greatly harassed by governmental taxation. The people are irreligious and do not perform the sacrifices recommended in Bhagavad-gita. Yajnad bhavati parjanyah: [Bg. 3.14] by the performance of sacrifice, clouds form and rain falls. Due to sufficient rainfall, there is sufficient production of food. Guided by the brahmanas, society should follow the principles of Bhagavad-gita. Then people will become very happy. Annad bhavanti bhutani: when animals and man are sufficiently fed with grains, they become stronger, their hearts become tranquil and their brains peaceful. They can then advance in spiritual life, lifes ultimate destination.

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