athatale maya-putro ísuro balo nivasati yena ha va iha srstah san-navatir mayah kascanadyapi mayavino dharayanti yasya ca jrmbhamanasya mukhatas trayah stri-gana udapadyanta svairinyah kaminyah pumscalya iti ya vai bilayanam pravistam purusam rasena hatakakhyena sadhayitva sva-vilasavalokananuraga-smita-samlapopaguhanadibhih svairam kila ramayanti yasminn upayukte purusa isvaro íham siddho íham ity ayuta-maha-gaja-balam atmanam abhimanyamanah katthate madandha iva.
atha—now; atale—on the planet named Atala; maya-putrah asurah—the demon son of Maya; balahBala; nivasati—resides; yena—by whom; ha va—indeed; iha—in this; srstah—propagated; sat-navatih—ninety-six; mayah—varieties of illusion; kascana—some; adya api—even today; maya-vinah—those who know the art of magical feats (like manufacturing gold); dharayanti—utilize; yasya—of whom; ca—also; jrmbhamanasya—while yawning; mukhatah—from the mouth; trayah—three; stri-ganah—varieties of women; udapadyanta—were generated; svairinyahsvairini (one who only marries in her same class); kaminyahkamini (one who, being lusty, marries men from any group); pumscalyahpumscali (one who wants to go from one husband to another); iti—thus; yah—who; vai—certainly; bila-ayanam—the subterranean planets; pravistam—entering; purusam—a male; rasena—by a juice; hataka-akhyena—made from an intoxicating herb known as hataka; sadhayitva—making sexually fit; sva-vilasa—for their personal sense gratification; avalokana—by glances; anuraga—lustful; smita—by smiling; samlapa—by talking; upaguhana-adibhih—and by embracing; svairam—according to their own desire; kila—indeed; ramayanti—enjoy sex pleasure; yasmin—which; upayukte—when used; purusah—a man; isvarah aham—I am the most powerful person; siddhah aham—I am the greatest and most elevated person; iti—thus; ayuta—ten thousand; maha-gaja—of big elephants; balam—the strength; atmanam—himself; abhimanyamanah—being full of pride; katthate—they say; mada-andhah—blinded by false prestige; iva—like.
My dear King, now I shall describe to you the lower planetary systems, one by one, beginning from Atala. In Atala there is a demon, the son of Maya Danava named Bala, who created ninety-six kinds of mystic power. Some so-called yogis and svamis take advantage of this mystic power to cheat people even today. Simply by yawning, the demon Bala created three kinds of women, known as svairini, kamini and pumscali. The svairinis like to marry men from their own group, the kaminis marry men from any group, and the pumscalis change husbands one after another. If a man enters the planet of Atala, these women immediately capture him and induce him to drink an intoxicating beverage made with a drug known as hataka [cannabis indica]. This intoxicant endows the man with great sexual prowess, of which the women take advantage for enjoyment. A woman will enchant him with attractive glances, intimate words, smiles of love and then embraces. In this way she induces him to enjoy sex with her to her full satisfaction. Because of his increased sexual power, the man thinks himself stronger than ten thousand elephants and considers himself most perfect. Indeed, illusioned and intoxicated by false pride, he thinks himself God, ignoring impending death.

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