tata uparistad usana dvi-laksa-yojanata upalabhyate puratah pascat sahaiva varkasya saighrya-mandya-samyabhir gatibhir arkavac carati lokanam nityadanukula eva prayena varsayams carenanumiyate sa vrsti-vistambha-grahopasamanah.
tatahfrom that bunch of stars; uparistatabove; usanaVenus; dvi-laksa-yojanatah200,000 yojanas (1,600,000 miles); upalabhyateis experienced; puratahin front; pascatbehind; sahaalong with; evaindeed; vaand; arkasyaof the sun; saighryaspeedy; mandyaslow; samyabhihequal; gatibhihthe movements; arkavatexactly like the sun; caratirotates; lokanamof all the planets within the universe; nityadaconstantly; anukulahoffering favorable conditions; evaindeed; prayenaalmost always; varsayancausing rainfall; carenaby infusing the clouds; anumiyateis perceived; sahhe (Venus); vrsti-vistambhaobstacles to rainfall; graha-upasamanahnullifying planets.
Some 1,600,000 miles above this group of stars is the planet Venus, which moves at almost exactly the same pace as the sun according to swift, slow and moderate movements. Sometimes Venus moves behind the sun, sometimes in front of the sun and sometimes along with it. Venus nullifies the influence of planets that are obstacles to rainfall. Consequently its presence causes rainfall, and it is therefore considered very favorable for all living beings within this universe. This has been accepted by learned scholars.

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