sva-gobhih pitr-devebhyo
vibhajan krsna-suklayoh
prajanam sarvasam raja-
ndhah somo na astv iti
sva-gobhihby expansion of his own illuminating rays; pitr-devebhyahunto the pitas and the demigods; vibhajandividing; krsna-suklayohinto the two fortnights, dark and light; prajanamof the citizens; sarvasamof all; rajathe king; andhahfood grains; somahthe moon-god; nahtoward us; astulet him remain favorable; itithus.
[The inhabitants of Salmalidvipa worship the demigod of the moon in the following words.] By his own rays, the moon-god has divided the month into two fortnights, known as sukla and krsna, for the distribution of food grains to the pitas and the demigods. The demigod of the moon is he who divides time, and he is the king of all the residents of the universe. We therefore pray that he may remain our king and guide, and we offer him our respectful obeisances.

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