na vai sa atmatmavatam suhrttamah
saktas tri-lokyam bhagavan vasudevah
na stri-krtam kasmalam asnuvita
na laksmanam capi vihatum arhati
nanot; vaiindeed; sahHe; atmathe Supreme Soul; atmavatamof the self-realized souls; suhrt-tamahthe best friend; saktahattached; tri-lokyamto anything within the three worlds; bhagavanthe Supreme Personality of Godhead; vasudevahthe all-pervading Lord; nanot; stri-krtamobtained because of His wife; kasmalamsufferings of separation; asnuvitawould obtain; nanot; laksmanamHis younger brother Laksmana; caalso; apicertainly; vihatumto give up; arhatibe able.
Since Lord Sri Ramacandra is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vasudeva, He is not attached to anything in this material world. He is the most beloved Supersoul of all self-realized souls, and He is their very intimate friend. He is full of all opulences. Therefore He could not possibly have suffered because of separation from His wife, nor could He have given up His wife and Laksmana, His younger brother. To give up either would have been absolutely impossible.
In defining the Supreme Personality of Godhead, we say that He is full in all six opulenceswealth, fame, strength, influence, beauty and renunciation. He is called renounced because He is not attached to anything in this material world; He is specifically attached to the spiritual world and the living entities there. The affairs of the material world take place under the superintendence of Durgadevi (srsti-sthiti-pralaya-sadhana-saktir eka/ chayeva yasya bhuvanani bibharti durga [Bs. 5.44]). Everything is going on under the strict rules and regulations of the material energy, represented by Durga. Therefore the Lord is completely detached and need not give attention to the material world. Sitadevi belongs to the spiritual world. Similarly, Lord Laksmana, Ramacandras younger brother, is a manifestation of Sankarsana, and Lord Ramacandra Himself is Vasudeva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
Since the Lord is always spiritually qualified, He is attached to servants who always render transcendental loving service unto Him. He is attached to the truth in life, not to brahminical qualities. Indeed, He is never attached to any material qualities. Although He is the Supersoul of all living entities, He is specifically manifest to those who are self-realized, and He is especially dear to the hearts of His transcendental devotees. Because Lord Ramacandra descended to teach human society how dutiful a king should be, He apparently gave up the company of mother Sita and Laksmana. Factually, however, He could not have given them up. One should therefore learn about the activities of Lord Ramacandra from a self-realized soul. Then one can understand the transcendental activities of the Lord.

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