om namo bhagavate uttamaslokaya nama arya-laksana-sila-vrataya nama upasiksitatmana upasita-lokaya namah sadhu-vada-nikasanaya namo brahmanya-devaya maha-purusaya maha-rajaya nama iti.
omO my Lord; namahmy respectful obeisances; bhagavateunto the Supreme Personality of Godhead; uttama-slokayawho is always worshiped with selected verses; namahmy respectful obeisances; arya-laksana-sila-vratayawho possesses all the good qualities of advanced personalities; namahmy respectful obeisances; upasiksita-atmaneunto You whose senses are under control; upasita-lokayawho is always remembered and worshiped by all the different classes of living entities; namahmy respectful obeisances; sadhu-vada-nikasanayato the Lord, who is like a stone for examining all the good qualities of a sadhu; namahmy respectful obeisances; brahmanya-devayawho is worshiped by the most qualified brahmanas; maha-purusayaunto the Supreme Lord, who is worshiped by the purusa-sukta because of being the cause of this material creation; maha-rajayaunto the supreme king, or the king of all kings; namahmy respectful obeisances; itithus.
Let me please Your Lordship by chanting the bija-mantra omkara. I wish to offer my respectful obeisances unto the Personality of Godhead, who is the best among the most highly elevated personalities. Your Lordship is the reservoir of all the good qualities of Aryans, people who are advanced. Your character and behavior are always consistent, and You always control Your senses and mind. Acting just like an ordinary human being, You exhibit exemplary character to teach others how to behave. There is a touchstone that can be used to examine the quality of gold, but You are like a touchstone that can verify all good qualities. You are worshiped by brahmanas who are the foremost of all devotees. You, the Supreme Person, are the King of kings, and therefore I offer my respectful obeisances unto You.

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