kim duskarair nah kratubhis tapo-vratair
danadibhir va dyujayena phalguna
na yatra narayana-pada-pankaja-
smrtih pramustatisayendriyotsavat
kim—what is the value; duskaraih—very difficult to perform; nah—our; kratubhih—with performances of sacrifice; tapah—with austerities; vrataih—vows; dana-adibhih—with executing charitable activities and so on; va—or; dyujayena—with achieving the heavenly kingdom; phalguna—which is insignificant; na—no; yatra—where; narayana-pada-pankaja—of the lotus feet of Lord Narayana; smrtih—the remembrance; pramusta—lost; atisaya—excessive; indriya-utsavat—due to material sense gratification.
The demigods continue: After performing the very difficult tasks of executing Vedic ritualistic sacrifices, undergoing austerities, observing vows and giving charity, we have achieved this position as inhabitants of the heavenly planets. But what is the value of this achievement? Here we are certainly very engaged in material sense gratification, and therefore we can hardly remember the lotus feet of Lord Narayana. Indeed, because of our excessive sense gratification, we have almost forgotten His lotus feet.
The land of Bharata-varsa is so exalted that by taking birth there one can not only attain the heavenly planets but also go directly back home, back to Godhead. As Krsna says in Bhagavad-gita (9.25):
“Those who worship the demigods will take birth among the demigods; those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth among such beings; those who worship ancestors go to the ancestors; and those who worship Me will live with Me.” people in the land of Bharata-varsa generally follow the Vedic principles and consequently perform great sacrifices by which they can be elevated to the heavenly planets. However, what is the use of such great attainments? As stated in Bhagavad-gita (9.21), ksine punye martya-lokam visanti: after the results of one’s sacrifices, charity and other pious activities expire, one must return to the lower planetary systems and again feel the pangs of birth and death. However, one who becomes Krsna conscious can go back to Krsna (yanti-mad-yajino ’pi mam). Therefore the demigods even regret having been elevated to the higher planetary systems. The denizens of the heavenly planets regret that they could not take full advantage of being born in the land of Bharata-varsa. Instead, they became captivated by a higher standard of sense gratification, and therefore they forgot the lotus feet of Lord Narayana at the time of death. The conclusion is that one who has taken birth in the land of Bharata-varsa must follow the instructions given personally by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Yad gatva na nivartante tad dhama paramam mama [Bg. 15.6]. One should try to return home, back to Godhead, to the Vaikuntha planets—or to the topmost Vaikuntha planet, Goloka Vrndavana—to live eternally in full, blissful knowledge in the company of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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