tan nah prabho tvam kukalevararpitam
tvan-mayayaham-mamatam adhoksaja
bhindyama yenasu vayam sudurbhidam
vidhehi yogam tvayi nah svabhavam iti
tat—therefore; nah—our; prabho—O my Lord; tvam—You; ku-kalevara-arpitam—invested in this bad body full of stool and urine; tvat-mayaya—by Your illusory energy; aham-mamatam—the conception of I and my; adhoksaja—O Transcendence; bhindyama—may give up; yena—by which; asu—very soon; vayam—we; sudurbhidam—which is very difficult to give up; vidhehi—please give; yogam—the mystic process; tvayi—unto You; nah—our; svabhavam—which is symptomized by a steady mind; iti—thus.
Therefore, O Lord, O Transcendence, kindly help us by giving us the power to execute bhakti-yoga so that we can control our restless minds and fix them upon You. We are all infected by Your illusory energy; therefore we are very attached to the body, which is full of stool and urine, and to anything related with the body. Except for devotional service, there is no way to give up this attachment. Therefore kindly bestow upon us this benediction.
The Lord advises in Bhagavad-gita: man-mana bhava mad-bhakto mad-yaji mam namaskuru [Bg. 18.65]. The perfect yoga system consists of always thinking of Krsna, always engaging in devotional service, always worshiping Krsna and always offering obeisances unto Him. Unless we practice this yoga system, our illusory attachment for this bad body, which is full of stool and urine, is impossible to give up. The perfection of yoga consists of giving up attachment for this body and bodily relationships and transferring that attachment to Krsna. We are very attached to material enjoyment, but when we transfer that same attachment to Krsna, we traverse the path of liberation. One has to practice this yoga system and none other.

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