tad bhagavato mayamayam rupam parama-samadhi-yogena rama devi samvatsarasya ratrisu prajapater duhitrbhir upetahahsu ca tad-bhartrbhir upaste idam codaharati.
tatthat; bhagavatahof the Supreme Personality of Godhead; maya-mayamfull of affection for the devotees; rupamform; paramahighest; samadhi-yogenaby absorption of the mind in the service of the Lord; ramathe goddess of fortune; devidivine woman; samvatsarasyaknown as Samvatsara; ratrisuduring the nights; prajapatehof Prajapati; duhitrbhihwith the daughters; upetacombined; ahahsuduring the days; caalso; tat-bhartrbhihwith the husbands; upasteworships; idamthis; caalso; udaharatichants.
Accompanied during the daytime by the sons of the Prajapati [the predominating deities of the days] and accompanied at night by his daughters [the deities of the nights], Laksmidevi worships the Lord during the period known as the Samvatsara in His most merciful form as Kamadeva. Fully absorbed in devotional service, she chants the following mantras.
The word mayamayam used in this verse should not be understood according to the interpretations of the Mayavadis. Maya means affection as well as illusion. When a mother deals with her child affectionately, she is called mayamaya. In whatever form the Supreme Lord Visnu appears, He is always affectionate toward His devotees. Thus the word mayamayam is used here to mean very affectionate toward the devotees. Srila Jiva Gosvami writes in this regard that mayamayam can also mean krpa-pracuram, deeply merciful. Similarly, Srila Viraraghava says, maya-pracuranatmiya-sankalpena parigrhitam ity arthah jnana-paryayotra maya-sabdah: when one is very affectionate due to an intimate relationship, one is described as mayamaya. Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura explains mayamayam by dividing it into the words maya and amayam. He explains these words to indicate that because the living entity is covered by the disease of illusion, the Lord is always eager to deliver His devotee from the clutches of maya and cure him of the disease caused by the illusory energy.

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