tatra caturdha bhidyamana caturbhir namabhis catur-disam abhispandanti nada-nadi-patim evabhinivisati sitalakananda caksur bhadreti.
tatrathere (on top of Mount Meru); caturdhainto four branches; bhidyamanabeing divided; caturbhihwith four; namabhihnames; catuh-disamthe four directions (east, west, north and south); abhispandantiprofusely flowing; nada-nadi-patimthe reservoir of all great rivers (the ocean); evacertainly; abhinivisatienters; sita-alakanandaSita and Alakananda; caksuhCaksu; bhadraBhadra; itiknown by these names.
On top of Mount Meru, the Ganges divides into four branches, each of which gushes in a different direction [east, west, north and south]. These branches, known by the names Sita, Alakananda, Caksu and Bhadra, flow down to the ocean.

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