tatra ca kvacid atapodaka-nibhan visayan upadhavati pana-bhojana-vyavayadi-vyasana-lolupah.
tatrathere (in this phantom place); caalso; kvacitsometimes; atapa-udaka-nibhanlike the water in a mirage in the desert; visayanthe objects of sense enjoyment; upadhavatiruns after; panato drinking; bhojanato eating; vyavayato sex life; adiand so on; vyasanawith addiction; lolupaha debauchee.
Sometimes in this house in the sky [gandharva-pura] the conditioned soul drinks, eats and has sex. Being overly attached, he chases after the objects of the senses just as a deer chases a mirage in the desert.
There are two worldsthe spiritual and the material. The material world is false like a mirage in the desert. In the desert, animals think they see water, but actually there is none. Similarly, those who are animalistic try to find peace within the desert of material life. It is repeatedly said in different sastras that there is no pleasure in this material world. Furthermore, even if we agree to live without pleasure, we are not allowed to do so. In Bhagavad-gita, Lord Krsna says that the material world is not only full of miseries (duhkhalayam) but also temporary (asasvatam). Even if we want to live here amid miseries, material nature will not allow us to do so. It will oblige us to change bodies and enter another atmosphere full of miserable conditions.

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