atha ca yatra kautumbika darapatyadayo namna karmana vrka-srgala evanicchato ípi kadaryasya kutumbina uranakavat samraksyamanam misato ípi haranti.
atha—in this way; ca—also; yatra—in which; kautumbikah—the family members; dara-apatya-adayah—beginning with the wife and children; namna—by name only; karmana—by their behavior; vrka-srgalah—tigers and jackals; eva—certainly; anicchatah—of one who does not desire to spend his wealth; api—certainly; kadaryasya—being too miserly; kutumbinah—who is surrounded by family members; uranaka-vat—like a lamb; samraksyamanam—although protected; misatah—of one who is observing; api—even; haranti—they forcibly take away.
My dear King, family members in this material world go under the names of wife and children, but actually they behave like tigers and jackals. A herdsman tries to protect his sheep to the best of his ability, but the tigers and foxes take them away by force. Similarly, although a miserly man wants to guard his money very carefully, his family members take away all his assets forcibly, even though he is very vigilant.
One Hindi poet has sung: din ka dakini rat ka baghini palak palak rahu cuse. During the daytime, the wife is compared to a witch, and at night she is compared to a tigress. Her only business is sucking the blood of her husband both day and night. During the day there are household expenditures, and the money earned by the husband at the cost of his blood is taken away. At night, due to sex pleasure, the husband discharges blood in the form of semen. In this way he is bled by his wife both day and night, yet he is so crazy that he very carefully maintains her. Similarly, the children are also like tigers, jackals and foxes. As tigers, jackals and foxes take away lambs despite the herdsmanís vigilant protection, children take away the fatherís money, although the father supervises the money himself. Thus family members may be called wives and children, but actually they are plunderers.

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