na hy adbhutam tvac-caranabja-renubhir
hatamhaso bhaktir adhoksaje ’mala
mauhurtikad yasya samagamac ca me
dustarka-mulo ’pahato ’vivekah
na—not; hi—certainly; adbhutam—wonderful; tvat-carana-abja-renubhih—by the dust of your lotus feet; hata-amhasah—who am completely freed from the reactions of sinful life; bhaktih—love and devotion; adhoksaje—unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is beyond the capture of experimental knowledge; amala—completely freed from all material contamination; mauhurtikat—momentary; yasya—of whom; samagamat—by the visit and association; ca—also; me—my; dustarka—of false arguments; mulah—the root; apahatah—completely vanquished; avivekah—not discriminating.
It is not at all wonderful that simply by being covered by the dust of your lotus feet, one immediately attains the platform of pure devotional service to Adhoksaja, which is not available even to great demigods like Brahma. By associating with you just for a moment, I am now freed from all argument, false prestige and lack of discrimination, which are the roots of entanglement in the material world. Now I am free from all these problems.
Association with pure devotees certainly frees one from the material clutches. This is certainly true of King Rahugana’s association with Jada Bharata. King Rahugana was immediately freed from the misgivings of material association. The arguments offered by pure devotees to their disciples are so convincing that even a dull-headed disciple is immediately enlightened with spiritual knowledge.

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