vairanubandho vivahan mithas ca
adhvany amusminn uru-krcchra-vitta-
badhopasargair viharan vipannah
anyonya—with one another; vitta-vyatisanga—by monetary transactions; vrddha—increased; vaira-anubandhah—one is encumbered by enmity; vivahan—sometimes marrying; mithah—one another; ca—and; adhvani—on the path of material existence; amusmin—that; uru-krcchra—by great difficulties; vitta-badha—by scarcity of money; upasargaih—by diseases; viharan—wandering; vipannah—one becomes fully embarrassed.
Due to monetary transactions, relationships become very strained and end in enmity. Sometimes the husband and wife walk on the path of material progress, and to maintain their relationship they work very hard. Sometimes due to scarcity of money or due to diseased conditions, they are embarrassed and almost die.
In this material world, there are many transactions between peoples and societies as well as between nations, but gradually these end in enmity between the two parties. Similarly, in the marriage relationship, monetary transactions are sometimes overpowered by the dangerous conditions of material life. One then becomes diseased or monetarily embarrassed. In the modern age most countries have developed economically, but due to business exchanges, relationships seem to be strained. Finally wars are declared between nations, and as a result of these upheavals there is destruction all over the world, and people suffer heavily.

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