karhi sma cit ksudra-rasan vicinvams
tan-maksikabhir vyathito vimanah
tatrati-krcchrat pratilabdhamano
balad vilumpanty atha tam tato ’nye
karhi sma cit—sometimes; ksudra—very insignificant; rasan—sexual enjoyment; vicinvan—searching for; tat—of those women; maksikabhih—by honeybees, or the husbands or family members; vyathitah—very much aggrieved; vimanah—insulted; tatra—in that; ati—very much; krcchrat—with difficulty because of spending money; pratilabdhamanah—obtaining sexual enjoyment; balat—by force; vilumpanti—kidnapped; atha—thereafter; tam—the object of sense enjoyment (the woman); tatah—from him; anye—another debauchee.
Sometimes, in order to have a little insignificant sex enjoyment, one searches after debauched women. In this attempt, one is insulted and chastised by the women’s kinsmen. This is like going to take honey from a beehive and being attacked by the bees. Sometimes, after spending lots of money, one may acquire another woman for some extra sense enjoyment. Unfortunately, the object of sense enjoyment, the woman, is taken away or kidnapped by another debauchee.
In a great forest, honeycombs are very important. People often go there to collect honey from the combs, and sometimes the bees attack and punish them. In human society, those who are not Krsna conscious remain in the forest of material life simply for the honey of sex life. Such debauchees are not at all satisfied with one wife. They want many women. Day after day, with great difficulty, they try to secure such women, and sometimes, while trying to taste this kind of honey, one is attacked by a woman’s kinsmen and chastised very heavily. By bribing others, one may secure another woman for enjoyment, yet another debauchee may kidnap her or offer her something better. This woman hunting is going on in the forest of the material world, sometimes legally, and sometimes illegally. Consequently in this Krsna consciousness movement the devotees are forbidden to have illicit sex. Thus they avoid so many difficulties. One should remain satisfied with one woman, being duly married. One can satisfy one’s lusty desires with his wife without creating disturbances in society and being punished for doing so.

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