udyanani ca ramyani
vicitrair amara-drumaih
udyanani—gardens; ca—also; ramyani—very beautiful; vicitraih—various; amara-drumaih—with trees brought from the heavenly planets; kujat—singing; vihanga—of birds; mithunaih—with pairs; gayat—humming; mattamad; madhu-vrataih—with bumblebees.
The King’s residence was surrounded by gardens wherein there were varieties of trees brought from the heavenly planets. In those trees there were pairs of sweetly singing birds and almost-mad bumblebees, which made a very relishable buzzing sound.
In this verse the word amara-drumaih, “with trees brought from the heavenly planets,” is very significant. The heavenly planets are known as Amaraloka, the planets where death is very much delayed, because the people there live for ten thousand years according to the calculations of the demigods, in which our six months are equal to one day. The demigods live in the heavenly planets for months, years and ten-thousands of years according to demigod time, and then again, after the results of their pious activities are exhausted, they fall down to this earth. These are the statements that can be collected from Vedic literature. As the people there live for ten thousand years, so also do the trees. Of course, here on this earth there are many trees which live for ten thousand years, so what to speak of the trees on the heavenly planets? They must live for more than many ten-thousands of years, and sometimes, as practiced even now, some valuable trees are taken from one place to another.
It is elsewhere stated that when Lord Krsna went to the heavenly planets with His wife Satyabhama He took a parijata flower tree from heaven and brought it to the earth. There was a fight between Krsna and the demigods due to the parijata tree’s being taken from heaven to this planet. The parijata was planted in the palace of Lord Krsna which was occupied by Queen Satyabhama. The flower and fruit trees in the heavenly planets are superior, for they are very pleasant and tasteful, and it appears that in the palace of Maharaja Uttanapada there were many varieties of such trees.

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