tam sasamsur jana rajnim
distya te putra arti-ha
pratilabdhas ciram nasto
raksita mandalam bhuvah
tamunto Queen Suniti; sasamsuhoffered praise; janahthe people in general; rajnimunto the Queen; distyaby fortune; teyour; putrahson; arti-hawill vanquish all your pains; pratilabdhahnow returned; ciramsince a long time; nastahlost; raksitawill protect; mandalamthe globe; bhuvahearthly.
The residents of the palace praised the Queen: Dear Queen, your beloved son was lost a long time ago, and it is your great fortune that he now has come back. It appears, therefore, that your son will be able to protect you for a very long time and will put an end to all your material pangs.

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