tato gantasi mat-sthanam
uparistad rsibhyas tvam
yato navartate gatah
tatahthereafter; ganta asiyou will go; mat-sthanamto My abode; sarva-lokaby all planetary systems; namah-krtamoffered obeisances; uparistatsituated higher; rsibhyahthan the planetary systems of the rsis; tvamyou; yatahwherefrom; nanever; avartatewill come back; gatahhaving gone there.
The Personality of Godhead continued: My dear Dhruva, after your material life in this body, you will go to My planet, which is always offered obeisances by the residents of all other planetary systems. It is situated above the planets of the seven rsis, and having gone there you will never have to come back again to this material world.
In this verse the word navartate is very significant. The Lord says, You will not come back to this material world, for you will reach mat-sthanam, My abode. Therefore Dhruvaloka, or the polestar, is the abode of Lord Visnu within this material world. Upon it there is an ocean of milk, and within that ocean there is an island known as Svetadvipa. It is clearly indicated that this planet is situated above the seven planetary systems of the rsis, and because this planet is Visnuloka, it is worshiped by all other planetary systems. It may be questioned here what will happen to the planet known as Dhruvaloka at the time of the dissolution of this universe. The answer is simple: Dhruvaloka remains, like other Vaikunthalokas beyond this universe. Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura has commented in this connection that the very word navartate indicates that this planet is eternal.

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