TEXTS 59–60
evaṁ kāyena manasā
vacasā ca mano-gatam
paricaryamāṇo bhagavān
puṁsām amāyināṁ samyag
bhajatāṁ bhāva-vardhanaḥ
śreyo diśaty abhimataṁ
yad dharmādiṣu dehinām
evam—thus; kāyena—by the body; manasā—by the mind; vacasā—by the words; ca—also; manaḥ-gatam—simply by thinking of the Lord; paricaryamāṇaḥ—engaged in the devotional service; bhagavān—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; bhakti-mat—according to the regulative principles of devotional service; paricaryayā—by worshiping the Lord; puṁsām—of the devotee; amāyinām—who is sincere and serious; samyak—perfectly; bhajatām—engaged in devotional service; bhāva-vardhanaḥ—the Lord, who increases the ecstasy of the devotee; śreyaḥ—ultimate goal; diśati—bestows; abhimatam—desire; yat—as they are; dharma-ādiṣu—regarding spiritual life and economic development; dehinām—of the conditioned souls.
Anyone who thus engages in the devotional service of the Lord, seriously and sincerely, with his mind, words and body, and who is fixed in the activities of the prescribed devotional methods, is blessed by the Lord according to his desire. If a devotee desires material religiosity, economic development, sense gratification or liberation from the material world, he is awarded these results.
Devotional service is so potent that one who renders devotional service can receive whatever he likes as a benediction from the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The conditioned souls are very much attached to the material world, and thus by performing religious rites they want the material benefits known as dharma and artha.

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