vidhaya kartsnyena ca tad
yad aha bhagavan bhavah
sandadhuh kasya kayena
savaniya-pasoh sirah
vidhayaexecuting; kartsnyenaall in all; caalso; tatthat; yatwhich; ahawas said; bhagavanthe Lord; bhavahSiva; sandadhuhexecuted; kasyaof the living (Daksa); kayenawith the body; savaniyameant for sacrifice; pasohof the animal; sirahhead.
After everything was executed exactly as directed by Lord Siva, Daksas body was joined to the head of the animal meant to be killed in the sacrifice.
This time, all the demigods and great sages were very careful not to irritate Lord Siva. Therefore whatever he asked was done. It is specifically said here that Daksas body was joined to the head of an animal (a goat).

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