sa prasida tvam asmakam akanksatam
darsanam te paribhrasta-sat-karmanam
kirtyamane nrbhir namni yajnesa te
yajna-vighnah ksayam yanti tasmai namah
sahthat same person; prasidabe pleased; tvamYou; asmakamupon us; akanksatamawaiting; darsanamaudience; teYour; paribhrastafallen down; sat-karmanamof whom the performance of sacrifice; kirtyamanebeing chanted; nrbhihby persons; namniYour holy name; yajna-isaO Lord of sacrifice; teYour; yajna-vighnahobstacles; ksayamdestruction; yantiattain; tasmaiunto You; namahrespectful obeisances.
Dear Lord, we were awaiting Your audience because we have been unable to perform the yajnas according to the Vedic rituals. We pray unto You, therefore, to be pleased with us. Simply by chanting Your holy name, one can surpass all obstacles. We offer our respectful obeisances unto You in Your presence.
The brahmana priests were very hopeful that their sacrifice would be carried out without obstacles now that Lord Visnu was present. It is significant in this verse that the brahmanas say, Simply by chanting Your holy name we can surpass the obstacles, but now You are personally present. The performance of yajna by Daksa was obstructed by the disciples and followers of Lord Siva. The brahmanas indirectly criticized the followers of Lord Siva, but because the brahmanas were always protected by Lord Visnu, Sivas followers could not do any harm to their prosecution of the sacrificial process. There is a saying that when Krsna protects someone, no one can do him harm, and when Krsna wants to kill someone, no one can protect him. The vivid example was Ravana. Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Siva, but when Lord Ramacandra wanted to kill him, Lord Siva could not protect him. If some demigod, even Lord Siva or Lord Brahma, wants to do harm to a devotee, Krsna protects the devotee. But when Krsna wants to kill someone, such as Ravana or Hiranyakasipu, no demigod can protect him.

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