mahadeva uvaca
nagham prajesa balanam
varnaye nanucintaye
dandas tatra dhrto maya
mahadevah—Lord Siva; uvaca—said; na—not; agham—offense; praja-isa—O lord of created beings; balanam—of the children; varnaye—I regard; na—not; anucintaye—I consider; deva-maya—the external energy of the Lord; abhibhutanam—of those deluded by; dandah—rod; tatra—there; dhrtah—used; maya—by me.
Lord Siva said: My dear father, Brahma, I do not mind the offenses created by the demigods. Because these demigods are childish and less intelligent, I do not take a serious view of their offenses, and I have punished them only in order to right them.
There are two types of punishment. One is that which a conqueror imposes on an enemy, and the other is like that a father imposes on his son. There is a gulf of difference between these two kinds of punishment. Lord Siva is by nature a Vaisnava, a great devotee, and his name in this connection is Asutosa. He is always satisfied, and therefore he did not become angry as if he were an enemy. He is not inimical to any living entity; rather, he always wishes the welfare of all. Whenever he chastises a person, it is just like a fatherís punishment of his son. Lord Siva is like a father because he never takes seriously any offense by any living entities, especially the demigods.

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