yoga-siddhair naretaraih
justam kinnara-gandharvair
apsarobhir vrtam sada
janmabirth; ausadhiherbs; tapahausterity; mantraVedic hymns; yogamystic yoga practices; siddhaihwith perfected beings; nara-itaraihby demigods; justamenjoyed; kinnara-gandharvaihby Kinnaras and Gandharvas; apsarobhihby Apsaras; vrtamfull of; sadaalways.
The abode known as Kailasa is full of different herbs and vegetables, and it is sanctified by Vedic hymns and mystic yoga practice. Thus the residents of that abode are demigods by birth and have all mystic powers. Besides them there are other human beings, who are known as Kinnaras and Gandharvas and are accompanied by their beautiful wives, who are known as Apsaras, or angels.

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