tathapare siddha-gana maharsibhir
ye vai samantad anu nilalohitam
namaskrtah praha sasanka-sekharam
krta-pranamam prahasann ivatmabhuh
tatha—so; apare—the others; siddha-ganah—the Siddhas; maha-rsibhih—along with the great sages; ye—who; vai—indeed; samantat—from all sides; anu—after; nilalohitam—Lord Siva; namaskrtah—making obeisances; praha—said; sasanka-sekharam—to Lord Siva; krta-pranamam—having made obeisances; prahasan—smiling; iva—as; atmabhuh—Lord Brahma.
All the sages who were sitting with Lord Siva, such as Narada and others, also offered their respectful obeisances to Lord Brahma. After being so worshiped, Lord Brahma, smiling, began to speak to Lord Siva.
Lord Brahma was smiling because he knew that Lord Siva is not only easily satisfied but easily irritated as well. He was afraid that Lord Siva might be in an angry mood because he had lost his wife and had been insulted by Daksa. In order to conceal this fear, he smiled and addressed Lord Siva as follows.

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