paryastam nandaya satyah
vilokya bhutesa-girim
vibudha vismayam yayuh
paryastam—surrounded; nandaya—by the Nanda; satyah—of Sati; snana—by the bathing; punya-tara—especially flavored; udaya—with water; vilokya—after seeing; bhuta-isa—of Bhutesa (the lord of the ghosts, Lord Siva); girim—the mountain; vibudhah—the demigods; vismayam—wonder; yayuh—obtained.
There is a small lake named Alakananda in which Sati used to take her bath, and that lake is especially auspicious. All the demigods, after seeing the specific beauty of Kailasa Hill, were struck with wonder at the great opulence to be found there.
According to the commentary called Sri-Bhagavata-candra-candrika, the water in which Sati used to bathe was Ganges water. In other words, the Ganges flowed through the Kailasa-parvata. There is every possibility of accepting such a statement because Ganges water also flows from the hair of Lord Siva. Since Ganges water rests on the head of Lord Siva and then flows to the other parts of the universe, it is quite possible that the water in which Sati bathed, which was certainly very nicely scented, was Ganges water.

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